Save Facebook Articles to Pocket

A simple Workflow to add articles found on Facebook to Pocket.

       Productivity, iOS

Introduction to Travis CI

Travis CI provides perfect integration with GitHub and Slack to provide free continuous integration for many languages.


Introduction to PyAudio

PyAudio provides bindings for the famous C library PortAudio and allows playing and recording audio in realtime with Python.


MPEG-H Audio: Fitting Every Device

While "linear" or traditionnal TV is getting stuck because of the expanding variety of media (such as TV, computers, tablets or phones) and new means of consumption, MPEG-H has been defined to be flexible; this is especially true when talking about the audio part of MPEG-H.

       Binaural, MPEG

How Is Swift Changing the Way We Learn Programming?

Swift, the new programming language introduced by Apple eight months ago and which already reached the 25th rank of the most used languages list according to TIOBE’s index, might be more important than expected for worldwide developer’s community.


Multichannel Mobile Listening: A State Of The Art

Nowadays, the multiplication of audiovisual contents media such as computers, tablets and smartphones has created a major change in our behavior of content consumption. Broadcasting companies have to adapt their contents to fit our habits.


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