Save Facebook Articles to Pocket

September 2, 2015

One of the most important things in a productivity workflow may be to limit the number of services that you use. Nowadays, the issue is not to find tools, but to stick to the ones that we are already using.

Pocket, one of the best Read-it-Later service

To store and read articles, I try to stick to Pocket. However, in some cases, it is impossible to save an article to Pocket.

Especially, when you find an interesting article on Facebook from iPhone that you would like to keep for later, you have two options:

Obviously, the first solution is the easiest in the short-term but as explained in the first lines, it can quickly become a problem to increase the number of platforms that you use.

The second solution helps you keeping everything in one place but is much slower.

With the latest release of the Workflow application and its new Today widget, it became clear that a better solution was possible.

The steps composing the workflow

This very simple workflow allows you to simplify the process of saving an article from Facebook to Pocket.

Therefore, you only have to copy the article URL and launch the workflow from the Notification Center.

First step to use the workflow

Second step to use the workflow

If you liked this workflow or have any idea to improve it, please share your feelings in the comments section!